An Introduction to A Textile Tester Manufacturer: DaRong

Before clothing, especially workwear for special industries is launched or used, the measurement and testing of textile fabric data are essential. In Wenzhou, China, there is a company dedicated to manufacturing textile testing instruments. How did this company develop its new production capabilities? A journalist visited the company to find out.

Achievements in the Textile Testing Field

This company is Wenzhou Darong Textile Instrument Co., Ltd.  Over the years, it has closely collaborated with the China Textile Engineering Society and established the “National Textile Instrument Technology R&D Center.” Leveraging high-end resources, the company has developed over 100 national patents and led the drafting of 5 national standards and 2 industry standards. Last year, the company developed the first domestic “Sweating Thermal Manikin System” for evaluating the thermal insulation performance of ready-to-wear clothing. This system broke the foreign monopoly, filled the gap in domestic clothing insulation performance evaluation, and provided guidance for the innovative development and performance evaluation of textile and clothing products.

Just as every fashion designer needs a skilled tailor, Darong Textile Instrument is the best “tailor” for textile material scientists—providing testing instruments tailored for various textile materials to confirm their properties.

At the company’s site, the journalist saw many testing instruments, such as the Xenon Arc Testing Equipment (xenon light fastness tester). Fabrics undergo simulated sun exposure in this instrument for several hours to test if the fabric fades and to what extent. Besides fabrics, this instrument is also used for testing automotive interiors, rubber, and plastics. Other instruments include the Washing Fastness Tester, which assesses the colorfastness of textiles to washing; the Pilling and Snagging Tester, and the Nail Hammer Snagging Tester, each serving different functions. Clothing must pass through rigorous testing with these instruments before being marketed.

Darong Textile Instrument Company currently holds over 100 national patents and has led the drafting of 5 national standards and 2 industry standards. As a key drafting company, it has contributed to over 70 national and industry standards.

The “National Textile Instrument Technology R&D Center” has specialized laboratories, including a photodegradation R&D lab, mechanical measurement R&D lab, thermal transmission R&D lab, electromagnetic radiation R&D lab, sweating thermal manikin climate R&D lab, combustion lab, and the Darong Textile Testing Laboratory. Each year, the company successfully develops at least 10 new products for the market.

Sweating Thermal Manikin

Last year, the company successfully developed the “Sweating Thermal Manikin Testing System” through the “National Textile Instrument Technology R&D Center” project. This achievement is one of the significant outcomes of the collaboration between Darong Company and the China Textile Engineering Society.

This testing system is mainly used to evaluate the overall thermal and moisture comfort performance of various clothing and their suitable usage temperatures. “For example, previously, when buying a down jacket, consumers might not know what temperatures the thickness of the jacket is suitable for. Now, with this equipment, results are obtained, and a label indicating the suitable temperature range, such as above -5℃ or -15℃, can be added to the jacket. This way, consumers can make more informed choices about suitable clothing for their local climate, leading to a better experience.

In addition to civilian clothing, this system can also be used for the research and evaluation of special workwear. “For instance, firefighter uniforms need to be tested for their protective performance with our combustion manikin testing system to ensure firefighters are not burned during fire rescues. Additionally, our sweating thermal manikin testing system evaluates their thermal and moisture comfort performance to ensure firefighters do not overheat or become dehydrated during their work.”

sweating manikin
Sweating Manikin
Sleeping Bag tested
Sleeping Bag Tested by Sweating Manikin System

“In 2023 alone, the ‘Sweating Thermal Manikin Testing System’ sold over 10 units, including to high-end clients such as the State Grid and China National Petroleum Corporation.”

Through the efforts of the association and the company, this testing system is the first in China to evaluate the thermal and moisture comfort of ready-to-wear clothing, breaking the foreign monopoly in this field and filling a domestic gap.

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