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Conditioning Chamber

What is A Conditioning Chamber

A Textile Lab Conditioning Chamber also called A Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber, is used in the sample preparation period to condition samples in specified temperatures and humidity.

Conditioning Chamber Featured Products

DaRong Developed several models of Constant Temperature and Humidity Chambers, each with its specific features. You can always find a good fit for your laboratory to balance the temperatures and humidity of samples before testing textile samples’ physical and mechanical properties.

Constant temperature&humidity chamber
  • Microcomputer control, color touch screen English menu operation panel;
  • World’s top brand high-precision temperature sensor, auxiliary digital adjustment technology, temperature and humidity signal output, high control precision;
  • Large double-layer insulating glass observation window;
  • France “Taikang” fully closed compressor unit, the bipolar binary composition of two sets of the refrigeration system.
  • Effective volume: D500×W600×H750(mm)
  •  (-30℃ custom)
  • Temperature: -10℃~ 100℃, adjustable
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • Heating rate: average (3 ~ 5)℃/min
  • Cooling rate: average (1 ~ 2)℃/min
  • Temperature uniformity: ≤2℃
  • Temperature deviation :≤±2℃
  • Humidity range :(20 ~ 98)%RH
  • Humidity fluctuation: ±2%RH
  • Humidity uniformity: +2, -3%
  • Constant temperature fluctuation temperature: ≤±0.5℃

DaRong has developed the DR751K Fast Temperature and Humidity Chamber based on the YG(B)751DG model. With patented technology (national patent ZL 201420842606.5), it achieves rapid temperature adjustment and humidity adjustment within 30 to 120 minutes.

  • A variety of sample loading mode, in line with different forms of textiles (fiber, yarn, products) convenient shelving requirements;
  • Microcomputer control, color touch screen English menu operation;
  • World’s top brand high precision temperature and humidity sensor, auxiliary digital adjustment technology, temperature and humidity signal output, high control precision;
  • Effective volume :(830×680×800)mm
  • Sample placement: flat, rolling
  • Drum speed :(1 ~ 60) RPM
  • Temperature range: 15℃ ~ 55℃, accuracy ±0.2℃, stability ±0.10℃, resolution 0.01℃
  • Humidity range :(30 ~ 95)%, accuracy ±2%, stability ±0.5%, resolution 0.01%
  • Quick humidification time :(0.5 ~ 2)h
  • Heat dissipation mode: air cooling


Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

How DaRong ensure qualities?

1. Every component is accompanied by component diagrams and process drawings, ensuring the precision and interchangeability of the parts, which is one of the most crucial aspects of after-sales service.

2.DaRong’s electronic components undergo three elimination procedures:

  • They undergo powered aging. Through a specific current and voltage, they are subjected to high-temperature aging at 80 degrees Celsius for seven days in a specialized oven, eliminating any substandard devices.
  • They are installed into the circuit board for further selection.
  • After the assembly of the entire machine, they undergo loaded operation.

We always have customers come back to us requesting the same tester after more than 20 years of use of an old tester they bought from DaRong. This is a good proof of DaRong tester’s quality.

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Textile Conditioning Chamber by Applications


Textile Sample Conditioning Chamber by Standards

  • ASTM D1776

  • GB6529

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