Advanced Perspirometer

perspiration colorfastness tester

Perspirometer/Perspiration Tester

What is A Perspirometer

A Perspirometer, also called A Perspiration Tester, is used for testing the resistance to perspiration staining of various textiles and determining the resistance to water, seawater, and saliva color fastness properties of colored and dyed textiles.

Perspirometer Featured Products

Perspirometer always equipped with a kit of instruments including: Perspirometer YG(B)631, Perspiration Oven YG(B)902G. And advanced YG(B)632 is also strongly recommended for automatic immersion of test samples during the perspiration staining color fastness testing.

perspiration colorfastness tester
Infiltration instrument to perspiration
  • Operating Mode: Digital setting, automatic stop, audible alarm prompt.
  • Temperature: Room temperature to 150℃ ± 0.5℃ (customizable to 250℃).
  • Drying Time: (0-99.9) hours.
  • Working Chamber Dimensions: (340×320×320)mm.
oven for perspiration test

Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

Color Fastness to Perspiration Test Working Principles

  • Clamp the assembled sample in the middle of the sample board (plastic clamp board).
  • Place them together between the frame and the spring pressure frame.
  • Place a weight (weight + spring pressure frame: 45N suitable for ASTM standard tests; weight + spring pressure frame, combined into one, then 50N only suitable for GB standard tests) on the spring plate.
  • After tightening the fixing screw, remove the weight, and place the instrument along with the sample into the constant temperature box.

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  • Simulated experimenter immersion action.
  • Adjustable immersion action frequency.
  • Configurable immersion action stroke.
  • 7-inch color touchscreen with menu-based operation.

Supply Chain Advantage

High Cost-Performance Ratio

Exceptional Performance

With mass production spanning 35 years, DaRong has assembled the most advantageous suppliers, thereby reducing costs and improving the cost-performance ratio. Your laboratory might only need half the price of world-top brand to own an instrument that is comparable to those of world-top brands.

infiltration instrument for perspiration production

IoT (Internet of Things) Solution

Remote Control

Real-Time Report

IoT (Internet of Things) Solution, on which DaRong invests heavily, makes Mobile Remote Control and Real-Time Status Report possible. You are not required to be present beside the instrument. You can access the device’s dynamics and test results remotely, thereby saving time and labor.

Color Fastness to Perspiration Test by Applications

cotton fabric

Perspiration Fastness Test by Standards

  • AATCC 15

  • AATCC 106

  • AATCC 107

  • ISO 105

  • GB/T3922

  • GB/T5713

  • GB/T5714

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