Flammability Tester

Fabric flammability tester

Flammability Tester

What is A Flammability Tester

A Flammability Tester, also called A Flame Retardant Tester, is a flammability testing equipment used for determining the combustion performance of various textiles, including clothing fabrics, curtain and decorative fabrics, tent fabrics, etc. Based on different testing requirements, it is categorized into flammability vertical test, flammability horizontal test, >45 degrees flammability test, < 45 degrees flammability test. Depending on the nature of the test specimen, it can also be specifically applied to carpets, automotive interiors, fire-resistant boots, bedding, face masks, and more.

Flammability Tester Featured Products

DaRong Developed a series of models of Fabric Flammability Testers (Fabric Fire Retardant Tester), each with its specific features. You can always find a good fit for your laboratory to test the materials and products’ properties of flame retardant capacity.

Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

The flame-retardant testing of textiles is a mandatory requirement for product market entry in many countries. Responding to this demand, DaRong manufactures a series of fire testing instruments suitable for different products and various testing requirements. With over 30 years of experience in the field of textile testing, DaRong’s flame-retardant product series ensures the fire resistance and retardancy performance of your products. DaRong is also the drafter of China National Standard GB/T 5455. The series includes:horizontal flammability tester, vertical flammability tester, 45 degree flammability tester, matress flammability tester, carpet flammability tester, face mask flammability tester, fire-fighting boots flame retardant tester, fabric flame retardant tester.

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Flammability Test by Directions

Fabric flammability tester

Vertical Flammability Tester Flammability Vertical Test

Fabric flame retardant tester horizontal

Horizontal Flammability Tester Flammability Horizontal Test

fabric flame retardant tester >45 degree

>45 Degree Flammability Test

Fabric flame retardant performance tester less than 45 degree

<45 Degree Flammability Test

Fabric flame retardant performance tester

Textile Flammability Tester

A Universal Flammability Tester covering a wide range of textile tests:ISO 15025, ISO 6940, ISO 6941, GB/T 5456, GB 32086, etc.

  • Vertical flame spreading properties of single or multi-component (coating, quilting, multilayer, interlayer products and similar combinations) clothing, curtain hangings and textiles for large tents including perbors and door covers;
  • The properties of materials or combinations of materials exposed to flame under laboratory controlled conditions;
  • Vertical combustion performance of curtain, shade curtain and other interior suspension materials for automotive interior decoration;
  • The combustion distance and combustion time of automotive interior material or material combination after contact with flame under laboratory control conditions;
  • Flame spread of protective clothing and combustion characteristic test of welder’s protective gloves.
Carpet burning performance tester

Carpet Flammability Tester

  • Sliding bottom plate;
  • Convenient sample loading;
  • Equipped with reflective observation mirror, convenient and safe.

Flammability Tester by Standards

  • ISO 1210

  • ISO 12952-2:2010

  • ASTM D5132

  • ASTM D1230  

  • GB/T 5455

  • GB/T 13488  

  • GB/T 13489    

  • GB/T2408  

  • GB 19083-2010

  • GB 2626-2019 

  • CFR 1615   

  • CFR 1616

  • CFR1610

  • JIS D1201

  • CPAI-84

  • BS5852

Flammability Test by Applications

Fabric Application
Upholstery cloth
fire boots
Fire Boots
Carpet Wear
Bedding Textile
face mask
Face Mask
Car Seat Wear
Car Seat

Flammability Tester by Applications

Carpet burning performance tester
Face Mask Flammability Tester
Bedding flammability tester
Sofa mattress flammability tester
Protective boot flame retardant performance tester

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