Advanced Sweating Guarded Hotplate

Textile Thermal Resistance and Moisture Resistance Tester

Sweating Guarded Hotplate

What is A Sweating Guarded Hotplate

A Sweating Guarded Hotplate, or called A Moisture and Thermal Resistance Tester, is used for determination of thermal and wet resistance of various textile products and the textile fabric, film, coating, foam, leather and composite materials made of these products under steady conditions, using sweating guarded hotplate test method.

Sweating Guarded Hotplate Featured Products

DaRong Developed Sweating Guarded Hotplate is a patented tester through years of research on thermal and moisture resistance testing.

  • World-top brand high precision temperature sensor;
  • High precision constant temperature and humidity box and instrument integration design;
  • DSP microcomputer control and data processor;
  • Professional analysis software can directly determine and calculate the thermal resistance, moisture resistance, moisture permeability, moisture permeability index, thermal insulation rate, thermal conductivity, crowe value, etc.;
  • Digital temperature sensor, real-time rapid dynamic acquisition of temperature and humidity data, multi-point independent calibration;
  • National patent Technology (National Patent No. ZL 201320141877.3) Test bed simulating human skin mechanism;
  • World-top brand motor and lifting system, can be set height digital, fast with different thickness test sample;
  • Equipped with patented technology of automatic water supply system (national patent no. ZL 201320143699.8) high precision water level supply, error is less than 1 mm.

Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

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DaRong developed Moisture and Thermal Resistance Testers as a first in China in the year of 2012. Under the support of DaRong’s strong scientific research background, the goal of developing instruments for moisture and thermal resistance performance is to align directly with international leading-edge technology brands. In the past decade or so, a specialized research team has been established in the field of moisture and thermal resistance, with more functions being continuously updated and launched. DaRong is also drafter of the national standard GB/T11048.

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Moisture and Thermal Resistance Test by Applications

Fabric Application
Fabric Abrasion & Pilling
Medical Textile Abrasion
Medical Textile

Sweating Guarded Hotplate by Standards

  • ISO11092:2014

  • GB/T11048

  • ASTMD1518

  • ASTMF1868(A-E)

  • JISL1096

  • NFPA1971

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