High-Tech Fabric Touch Tester

Fabric Touch Feeling Tester

Fabric Touch Tester

What is A Fabric Touch Tester

A Fabric Touch Tester, or A Fabric Touch Feeling Tester, is used for testing and evaluating the fabric’s physical properties related to the comfort sensation during the contact between various sheet-like textile products, such as knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, and non-woven fabrics, and the skin under non-visible perspiration conditions.

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DaRong Developed High-Tech Fabric Touch Tester.

  • Multiple modules integrated on a single testing platform.
  • Simultaneous measurement of fabric thermal, compression, bending, surface friction properties, and surface roughness characteristics.
  • Single test completes the collection of multiple warp and weft indicators of the sample.
  • High-definition color touchscreen operating interface.
  • 32-bit processor; 24-bit high-speed analog-to-digital converter.
  • High-precision guide rails and ball screw.
  • Instrument overload protection function.

During the interaction between fabric and skin, the user’s perception of comfort is closely related to the thermal and mechanical properties of both sides of the textile material. This fabric-feeling touch tester decomposes the physical properties of the fabric’s obverse and reverse sides into independent measurement modules related to heat flow, compression, bending, surface friction, and geometric roughness. These measurement modules are integrated into a single testing platform, enabling the collection of multiple physical indicators such as heat flow, compression, bending, surface friction, and surface roughness in both the warp and weft directions of the fabric during a single measurement process. By combining these physical properties with subjective tactile evaluations from individuals, the instrument further assesses the fabric’s softness, smoothness, warmth, and coolness, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the fabric’s overall contact comfort.

Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

1V1 Support

Online English Speaking Technical Assistance for Trouble Shootings

Free Training

Free Online Training. Free Accomodation, Free foods On-Site Training in our company

On-Site Maintainence

Engineers periodically visit for on-site instrument maintenance

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DaRong’s exquisite craftsmanship and rigorous selection process for components ensure that every aspect of the instrument fits together with precision, reducing the impact of vibrations during tests and guaranteeing the most accurate test results. 

Supply Chain Advantage

High Cost-Performance Ratio

Exceptional Performance

With mass production spanning 35 years, DaRong has assembled the most advantageous suppliers, thereby reducing costs and improving the cost-performance ratio. Your laboratory might only need half the price of world-top brand to own an instrument that is comparable to those of world-top brands.

IoT (Internet of Things) Solution

Remote Control

Real-Time Report

IoT (Internet of Things) Solution, on which DaRong invests heavily, makes Mobile Remote Control and Real-Time Status Report possible. You are not required to be present beside the instrument. You can access the device’s dynamics and test results remotely, thereby saving time and labor.

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