Precise Fabric Thickness Tester

Fabric Thickness Gauge

Fabric Thickness Tester

What is A Fabric Thinkness Tester

A Fabric Thickness Tester, or Fabric Thickness Gauge,  is to test the thickness of fabrics or other thin materials.

Fabric Thinkness Tester Featured Products

DaRong Developed several models of Fabric Thinkness testers, each with its specific features. You can always find a good fit for your laboratory to test the thickness of fabrics or other thin materials.

Fabric thickness gauge

The YG(B)141D Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge is a precision thickness gauge. It offers a wide measuring range of up to 10mm with a high resolution of 0.01mm. The device is equipped with multiple presser foot diameters and areas to accommodate different testing needs. complies with several international standards, including GB/T3820, FZ/T01003, ASTM D1777, and ISO 5084-1996. It features customizable weighting times, an efficient electric motor.

DaRong has developed the YG(B)141G Fabric Thickness Tester based on the YG(B)141D model with precisions achievable. This textile thickness gauge surpasses the majority of similar products on the market in terms of measurement accuracy.

  • Thickness range :(0 ~ 25)mm
  • Resolution: 0.001mm
  • Diameter of base plate: 140mm
  • Pressure foot diameter and area


Pressure Foot Diameter & Area

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DaRong’s 35 years in the textile tester industry means our customers can count on our products’ reliability. Our long experience has given us a deep well of knowledge, which shows in the innovation and quality of the products. We’ve built strong relationships with over 100,000 customers, making your feedback and needs a big part of our strengths. We’re also really good at solving any problems you might have. These are key reasons why choosing us for high-quality testers.

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Fabric Thickness Test by Applications

Fabric Application
Upholstery cloth
Medical Textile Abrasion
Medical Textile

Fabric Thickness Tester by Standards

  • ASTM D1777 (customizable)

  • GB/T3820

  • GB/T24218.2

  • ISO 5084-1996

DaRong Fabric Thickness Gauge Models

Fabric thickness gauge
Fabric Thickness Gauge

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