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As a leading textile tester manufacturer, we have a track record of innovation and expertise in the industry with over 60 national patents and leadership roles in drafting 70 national and industry standards. Our extensive range of textile testing instruments includes over 300 types, covering textile and non-woven properties such as material strength, color fastness, shrinkage, permeability, heat shielding, electrostatics, flammability, wear resistance, and pilling & snagging. All equipment conforms to international standards, including GB, FZ, ISO, ASTM, AATCC, BS, EN, DIN, JIS, etc.

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Our Products

As textile industry leaders, we specialize in producing cutting-edge solutions that are both reliable and on-trend, precisely tailored to meet your needs.

SW-12J Washing Color Fastness Tester

Used for testing the washing colour fastness, dry cleaning and shrinkage of various textiles, and also for testing the colour fastness to washing of dyes.

Y (B) 089E Automatic Shrinkage Testing Machine

Used for dimensional stability test of fabric, clothing or other textiles after washing.

YG (B) 026G Electronic Strength Machine

Used for testing the mechanical properties of various textiles such as
stretching, tearing, topping, fixed elongation, fixed load, elasticity, thread slip
and stripping.
Widely used in rubber,  plastic, leather, metal, wire, paper, packaging, building materials, petrochemical,  electrical, geotechnical materials tensile, compression, bending, bonding, peel, tear, breaking, creep test of force, elongation,  deformation test.

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Product Categories

With 35 years of production experience, the product line has become incredibly rich and diverse. The accumulated knowledge and expertise have allowed for the creation of a wide range of high-quality products that cater to a variety of customer needs.

Textile hydrostatic pressure tester
Fabric Testing Instrument
geotextile comprehensive strength tester
Geotextile & Building Tester
Thread Length Measuring Machine
Fiber & Yarn Tester
Protective Performance Tester
Xenon Arc Test Chamber
Garment Dyeing Tester

Our Pioneering Technology

The sweating manikin test technology developed by our company is recognized as the best technology for objectively evaluating the overall thermal resistance and moisture resistance of clothing. It is widely used in clothing, aerospace, fire protection, petroleum, traffic safety, and occupations fields.

The combustion testing system using an instrumented Manikin is to simulate the thermal exposure process of the Manikin in the burning flame to test the changes in the surface temperature of the Manikin, and predict that it may cause second- and third-degree burns to the skin.

Need Lab Solutions? We Are Experts!

textile lab

Types of Textile lab Testing: Physical & Chemical Performance Tests

Different regulatory authorities have stringent standards for textiles at every stage, from processing of the raw fibers to the end product placed on the store shelves. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the world of textile testing, giving you insight into the key steps taken to test fabrics for shrinkage, color fastness and chemical performance.

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Textile Drying rate tester

The Importance of Textile Drying Rate Tester in Quality Assurance

Introduction to Textile Testing Textile Testing is of immense importance for any textile business enterprise to maintain the standards and quality of the textiles used. This includes rating its standards and specifications to satisfy the needs In our textile testing lectures today, I will talk about an important textile dry rate test. The drying rate

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Xenon Arc Test Chamber

Test Procedure of ISO 105 B02 Using Light Fastness Tester DR3000

In this article, we demonstrate the Xenon Arc Tester (water-cooled) used for testing the lightfastness, weather fastness, and perspiration fastness of various colored textiles. It can also be used for lightfastness and photodegradation tests on other materials such as paints, pigments, coatings, rubber, plastics, wood flooring, and paper. Standards: ISO 105 B02、ISO 03917、AATCC 16、AATCC 169、ASTM

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606G details

Textile Thermal Resistance and Moisture Resistance Test Procedure ISO 11092

This article demonstrates the test procedure of a tester primarily used for determining the thermal resistance and moisture resistance of various textiles and fabrics, as well as films, coatings, foams, leathers, and composite materials under steady-state conditions. The test is conducted on the YG(B)606G tester of DaRong. Standards: ISO11092:2014, ASTM D1518, ASTM F1868 (A-E), JIS

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fabric shrinkage tester warehouse

Test Procedure of Fabric Shrinkage Using Fabric Shrinkage Tester YG(B)089T

Suppose you are a textile enterprise, quality control, commercial inspection, or research institution, you can use this fabric shrinkage tester YG(B)089T to conduct shrinkage and relaxation tests after washing for cotton, wool, silk, hemp, knitwear, synthetic fibers, and other garments or textiles. Standards: ISO6330-2012, GB/T 8629 Fabric Shrinkage Test Method Turn on the main power

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Rubbing fastness tester

Test Procedure of Rubbing Fastness Test Using JIS Standard Crockmeter

JIS Standard Crockmeter (rubbing fastness tester) is suitable for testing the rubbing fastness of various dyed fiber products. This article guide you to a color fastness to rubbing test procedure using DaRong’s JIS standard Crockmeter. Standards: JIS L0801, JIS L0823, JIS L0849 Color Fastness to Rubbing Test Procedure Connect the instrument to the power supply

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Martindale Tester Design Pic

Test Procedure of Martindale Test Using YG(B)401 Martindale Tester

This Martindale Tester is suitable for testing the pilling and abrasion resistance of fabrics using the Martindale method. Applicable standards: ASTM D4970, ISO 12945-2, GB/T4802.1, and other Martindale testing standards. Martindale Pilling Test Procedure Principles of Pilling Resistance Test 1. Circular specimens are rubbed against the fabric of the same material under a given pressure,

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An Introduction to A Textile Tester Manufacturer: DaRong

Before clothing, especially workwear for special industries is launched or used, the measurement and testing of textile fabric data are essential. In Wenzhou, China, there is a company dedicated to manufacturing textile testing instruments. How did this company develop its new production capabilities? A journalist visited the company to find out. Achievements in the Textile

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