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Yarn Twist Tester

What is A Yarn Twist Tester

A Yarn Twist Tester, or A Single Yarn Twist Tester, is a twist tester used for testing various yarn twists, unevenness of twist, and twist contraction in yarn.

Yarn Twist Tester Featured Products

DaRong Developed two models of Yarn Twist Tester Machines, each with its specific features. You can always find a good fit for your laboratory to test various yarn twist, unevenness of twist, and twist contraction in yarns.

This Semi-Automatic Yarn Twist Tester features:

  • Adopts a mechatronics-integrated design, which is compact, nimble, and easy to operate.
  • Utilizes a single-chip program control for high precision and stability.
  • Equipped with ruby-tipped bearings for excellent sensitivity and resistance to environmental influences.
  • LCD display with adjustable brightness for prolonged usage comfort.
  • Stepless speed regulation from 100 to 2000r/min, offering a wide range and convenient speed adjustment with a digital display to enhance testing accuracy.
  • Features a fixed-weight displacement adjustment for easy and random tuning, ensuring accurate tension indication.

Test Methods:

  • a. Average untwist slip elongation
  • b. Average untwist maximum elongation
  • c. Direct counting method
  • d. Untwist and retwist method A
  • e. Untwist and retwist method B
  • f. Second untwist and retwist method

While continuously developing new products, DaRong has also retained the most economical and practical basic models. These models are designed to help laboratories conduct highly precise experiments with the lowest possible budget. Y(B)321 is the most classic twist tester that DaRong has consistently preserved.

Yarn twist tester

Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

1V1 Support

Online English Speaking Technical Assistance for Trouble Shootings

Free Training

Free Online Training. Free Accomodation, Free foods On-Site Training in our company

On-Site Maintainence

Engineers periodically visit for on-site instrument maintenance

Free Software Update

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Supply Chain Advantage

High Cost-Performance Ratio

Exceptional Performance

With mass production spanning 35 years, DaRong has assembled the most advantageous suppliers, thereby reducing costs and improving the cost-performance ratio. Your laboratory might only need half the price of world-top brand to own an instrument that is comparable to those of world-top brands.

yarn twist tester

Yarn Twist Test by Applications

cotton fabric

Yarn Twist Test by Standards

  • ISO 2061

  • ASTM D1422 

  • GB/T2543.1/2 

  • JIS L1095

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