Advanced Washing Fastness Tester

Color fastness tester to washing

Washing Fastness Tester

What is A Washing Fastness Tester

A Washing Fastness Tester, or A Launder Ometer,  is used for testing the wash fastness, dry cleaning resistance of color fastness, and colorfastness to shrinking of various textiles, as well as for assessing the wash fastness performance of dyes

Washing Fastness Tester Featured Products

DaRong Developed several models of Washing Fastness Testers, each with its specific features. You can always find a good fit for your laboratory to test the color fastness properties to washing and dry cleaning.

  • 7-inch multifunctional color touchscreen.
  • Automatic water level control, including automatic water inlet and drainage, with a dry-burning prevention function.
  • Constructed with high-grade stainless steel with a brushed finish for durability and aesthetics.
  • Equipped with a door touch safety switch to effectively prevent scalding and pinching injuries.
  • Utilizes a world-top brand industrial microcontroller for temperature and time control, with a “Proportional-Integral (PID)” adjustment function to prevent temperature overshoot and ensure time control accuracy of ≤±1 second.
  • Employs solid-state relays for heating tube control, ensuring stable temperatures, noise-free operation, and extended lifespan.
  • Built-in standard programs for automatic operation, support program editing, storage, and manual operations to accommodate different method standards.
  • The testing cups are made from world-top brand 316L material, offering high temperature, acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance.

DaRong has developed the DR-24GH Environmental Friendly Washing Fastness Tester based on the SW series. It not only possesses all the functionalities of the SW series but also features in the innovative adoption of an anhydrous heating constant temperature design, which does not cause secondary environmental pollution.

  • Test cup capacity: 550ml (φ75mm×120mm) (GB, ISO, JIS and other standards) 1200ml (φ90mm×200mm) [AATCC standard (selected)]
  • Distance from the center of the rotating frame to the bottom of the test cup: 45mm
  • Rotation speed :(40±2)r/min
  • Time control range: 9999MIN59s
  • Time control error: < ±5s
  • Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 99.9℃
  • Temperature control error: ≤±1℃
  • Heating method: electric heating


Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

As a leading company in China’s textile testing instrument industry, DaRong has dedicated over 30 years not only to developing new products but also to embracing global environmental sustainability as a long-term corporate responsibility. Sustainable development and environmental protection have been integral to many of our product developments, with the DR-24GH Environmental Friendly Washing Fastness Tester being one such achievement. DaRong will continue to intensify its R&D efforts in sustainability and environmental protection. Choosing DaRong means taking on the significant responsibility of protecting the global environment.

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Washing Fastness Test by Applications

woven fabric
Woven Fabric
Knited Fabric
cotton fabric
Cotton Fabric
non woven
Nonwoven Fabric

Washing Fastness Tester by Standards

  • AATCC 61/1A/2A/3A/4A/5A

  • ISO 105 C01/02/03/04/05/06/08

  • GB/T5711

  • GB/T3921/1/2/3/4/5

  • JIS L0860/0844

  • BS1006


Washing Fastness Tester by Chambers

color fastness tester to washing

1 Chamber

textile washing tester

2 Chamber

DaRong Washing Fastness Tester Models

color fastness tester to washing
Color fastness tester to washing
Color fastness tester to washing
Color fastness tester to washing
Environmental friendly color fastness tester to washing

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