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Textile Drying rate tester

Dry Rate Tester

What is A Dry Rate Tester

A Dry Rate Tester, also called A Drying Rate Tester, is a moisture management tester used to test the maximum water absorption, drying time, and drying rate of functional moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics (applicable to all woven, knitted, woven, and non-woven fabrics, except sock fabrics). There are two methods: Air Flow Method and Hot Plate Method.

Dry Rate Tester Featured Products

DaRong Developed two models of dry rate testers, each with its specific features. You can always find a good fit for your laboratory to test water absorption, drying time, and drying rate of functional fabrics.

Textile Drying rate tester

The design features guarded hot plate method AATCC 201

  • High-precision wind speed sensor, infrared temperature sensor, and temperature sensor;
  • Precision dripping device;
  • Color touch screen control, English menu operation interface;
  • Fabric drying time and drying rate tests and a series of data analyses can be automatically completed;
  • Data is displayed and saved in the form of curves and charts, which is convenient for users to analyze and print;
  • Fully automatic operation, with safe operation protection;
  • Adjustable wind speed and water drop.

DR290Q features air flow method AATCC 200

  • Water droplet detection device;
  • In addition to detecting drying time and drying rate, it can also assess the fabric’s maximum water absorption;
  • The entire process operates automatically, mitigating human errors.
Textile Drying Rate Tester (air flow method)

The design features:

  • “一”shaped workstation, two layers front and back, without a top cover, closest to the manual testing form;
  • 12 stations can work simultaneously or independently;
  • Features automatic liquid adding function at the same time, each time 0.2ml±0.01ml, improving efficiency and detection accuracy;
  • Equipped with liquid level sensors, with signal reminders for low liquid level and refills;
  • Uses imported high-precision mass weighing modules, eleven with a precision of 0.001g, one with a precision of 0.0001g;
  • Utilizes cylinder movement, ensuring stable operation and low noise;
  • The sample rack and weighing module are designed separately, safe and reliable;
  • Human-machine interface, test results are clear at a glance;
  • The interval time for test weighing can be set freely, with options like 5Min, 3Min, 1Min all achievable;
  • Two test termination methods: mass change rate and test time;
  • Test result curves are generated automatically, with multi-station curves displayed simultaneously;
  • The software has a built-in calculation system, directly presenting all test results.

Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

1V1 Support

Online English Speaking Technical Assistance for Trouble Shootings

Free Training

Free Online Training. Free Accomodation, Free foods On-Site Training in our company

On-Site Maintainence

Engineers periodically visit for on-site instrument maintenance

Free Software Update

Free Over-the-Air Update to Meet the Most Updated Standards





DaRong’s exquisite craftsmanship and rigorous selection process for components ensure that every aspect of the instrument fits together with precision, reducing the impact of vibrations during tests and guaranteeing the most accurate test results.

Supply Chain Advantage

High Cost-Performance Ratio

Exceptional Performance

With mass production spanning 35 years, DaRong has assembled the most advantageous suppliers, thereby reducing costs and improving the cost-performance ratio. Your laboratory might only need half the price of world-top brand to own an instrument that is comparable to those of world-top brands.


IoT (Internet of Things) Solution

Remote Control

Real-Time Report

IoT (Internet of Things) Solution, on which DaRong invests heavily, makes Mobile Remote Control and Real-Time Status Report possible. You are not required to be present beside the instrument. You can access the device’s dynamics and test results remotely, thereby saving time and labor.

Dry Rate Test by Applications

cotton fabric

Dry Rate Test by Standards

  • AATCC 200

  • AATCC 201

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