Xenon Arc Test Chamber YG(B) 611-3C

Xenon Arc Test Chamber YG(B) 611-3C

China national patent 200820121049.2 / ZL201520754700. X
[Scope of application]

This Xenon Aging Test Chamber, also called Light Fastness Tester, is used for light fastness and weather fastness tests in dyeing fastness test, and also for light fastness test and light aging tests of paint, pigment, coating, rubber, plastic, wood floor, paper, and other materials.

[Related standards]

GB/T8427 (National standard drafting unit)
GB/T15102-2006 GB/T14576 GB/T15104-2006 GB/T8430 AATCC TM16 ISO105-B04 ISO105-B02

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