ASTM D4970/ISO12945.2 Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester YG(B)401GC

ASTM D4970/ISO12945.2 Abrasion & Pilling Tester YG(B)401GC

Scope of Application

Used in textiles, membrane materials resistant to wear, abrasion, and the appearance change (Pilling) performance test (Martindale method).

Relevant standards

  • GB/T21196 (China national standard drafting enterprise)
  • FZ/T98014 (Main drafting enterprise )
  • GB/T 4802.2
  • FZ/T 20020
  • ASTM D4966
  • JIS L1096
  • ASTM D3886
  • ASTM D4970
  • GB/T13775
  • ISO12945.2
  • ISO12947
  • IWSTM196 / TM112
  • M&S
  • etc

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