Test Procedure of ISO 105 B02 Using Light Fastness Tester DR3000

In this article, we demonstrate the Xenon Arc Tester (water-cooled) used for testing the lightfastness, weather fastness, and perspiration fastness of various colored textiles. It can also be used for lightfastness and photodegradation tests on other materials such as paints, pigments, coatings, rubber, plastics, wood flooring, and paper.

Standards: ISO 105 B02、ISO 03917、AATCC 16、AATCC 169、ASTM G26

Light Fastness Test Procedure

  1. Press the [Standard] function key to enter the “Standard Settings” interface in the main control interface.
  2. After entering the “Standard Settings” interface, use the [Up] or [Down] keys to select the appropriate standard, for example, ISO 105 B02. Options 1-10 are fixed standards, while options 11-12 are user-defined standards. Press the [Back] key to return to the main menu for the next step. When a fixed standard from options 1-10 is selected, press the [Query] key to check the corresponding parameters. When a user-defined standard from options 11-12 is selected, press the [Set] key to set the corresponding parameters.
  3. Press the [Start] key to enter the data monitoring interface. The tester will start recording the sample operation time. If it is a bright cycle, wait for the countdown to end before pressing the [Xenon Lamp On] key to turn on the xenon lamp. If it is a dark cycle, there is no need to press the [Xenon Lamp On] key.
  4. After the xenon lamp is successfully lit, press the [Rotate] key to start rotating the sample rack, ensuring that all samples in the sample holder receive the xenon lamp’s radiant energy evenly. The tester will then begin formal testing. The tester will reach the set operating parameters in approximately 30 minutes. If the test reaches the set operating time, the system will automatically turn off the xenon lamp, stop the test, and give a prompt.

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