X-Y Multi-Axial Electronic Strength Tester

X-Y Multi-Axial Electronic Strength Tester

Scope of application

This X-Y Multi-Axial Electronic Strength Tester is used for the determination of bidirectional tensile deformation and strength of various fabrics, geotextiles, canvas, membrane materials, and other materials.

Discover the future of material testing with our state-of-the-art X-Y-T Material Bidirectional Electronic Power Machine. Specially tailored for advanced research and quality assurance, this product is engineered to provide precise and reliable results. We ensure top-tier performance and longevity.

Key Features

  • Precision Mechanics: Enjoy seamless operation with a Japanese-imported precision ball screw and guide drive, guaranteeing minimal noise and vibration.
  • High-Performance Drive: The Japanese AC servo motor offers rapid response times and no speed overshoot.
  • Advanced Sensory Tech: Fitted with a US-imported high-precision sensor, a 32-bit high-speed processor, and a 24-bit modulus A/D high-speed converter, delivering the industry’s highest sampling frequency.
  • Adaptable Clamping: Our clamping device adjusts effortlessly to multiple sample specifications.
  • User-Friendly Software: Our test software offers compatibility, a rich interface, help documents, and customizable test parameters, making data interpretation easy and efficient.

Technical Parameters

  • Sampling Frequency: 2000 times/second
  • Force Range: 2500N, upgradable to 10000N
  • Tensile Speed: 0.001 ~ 1000mm/min
  • Clamping: Pneumatic with digital setting
  • Size: 2600mm×2600mm×600mm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What platforms is the test software compatible with? A: Our software operates on the widely-used Microsoft platform.

Q: Is the software interface user-friendly? A: Absolutely! The software features a clear, intuitive interface and is supplemented with comprehensive help documents.

Q: Can the test results be exported? A: Yes, results can be exported in various formats including EXCEL, web page, and graphic, allowing seamless integration with your enterprise management software.

Q: What is the machine’s power requirement? A: The machine operates on an AC220V±10% 50Hz power supply.

Q: Can the test unit measurements be converted? A: Yes, it supports various units like Newton, pound, kilogram force, etc., aligning with international standards.

Dive deep into the realm of material testing with this cutting-edge machine. Perfect for industries and institutions aiming for the pinnacle of precision and reliability.

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