Precision Tumble Dryer Y (B) 743GT

Precision Tumble Dryer Y (B) 743GT

【Scope of application】:
Used for tumble drying of fabric, garment or other textile after shrinkage test.
【Relevant standards】 :
GB/T8629 ISO6330, etc
【 Technical features 】 :
1, frequency conversion motor drive, speed can be set, reversible;
2, the machine is equipped with heat insulation structure, energy saving and high efficiency;
3, ventilation can realize internal circulation, external circulation two modes.

Tumble Dryer
【 Technical parameters 】 :
1, category: front door feeding, horizontal roller A3 type tumbling dryer
2, rated dry sample capacity: 10kg
3, drying temperature: room temperature ~ 80℃
4, drum diameter: 695mm
5, drum depth: 435mm
6, drum volume: 165L
7, drum speed: 50r/min(positive and negative rotation can be set digitally)
8. Number of lifting pieces: 3 pieces (two pieces are 120° apart)
9, power source: AC220V±10% 50Hz 5.5KW
10, overall size :(785×960×1365)mm
11, weight: 120kg

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