Textile Formaldehyde Tester YG(B)201G

Textile Formaldehyde Tester YG(B)201G

Scope of application 

Used for rapid determination of formaldehyde content in various textiles.

  • GB/T2912.1
  • GB/T 2912.2
  • GB18401
  • SN/T219
  • etc


Instrument characteristics 

1, the extraction method, according to the national standard method can be measured at the same time formaldehyde determination value and absorbance value.

2, the host (with color touch screen display) can be controlled with the computer bidirectional, automatic processing of spectral data, report printing.

3, with absorption curve, selected wavelength, absorbance and transmittance and other functions.

4, spectrophotometer structure, four stations automatic test, one automatic test of three samples

5, can be tested online

6, Automatic calibration of 100%T and 0%T

Technical parameters 

1, Working mode: microcomputer control, Chinese color screen display, report printing, can be connected to the graphical computer software testing

2, the measurement range: transmittance: 0% ~ 100%

Absorbance: 0 ~ 2.0

Formaldehyde content: (5.00 ~ 500.00)mg/kg(sample dilution up to 5000mg/kg)

3, measurement accuracy: formaldehyde content ≤2% F.S

4, light source: imported long life tungsten halogen lamp

5, Optical system: self-quasi optical path design, 1200 /mm diffraction grating monochromator

6, Wavelength range: (325 ~ 1000)nm

7, spectral bandwidth: 5nm

8, wavelength accuracy: ±2nm

9, Repeatability of wavelength: 1nm

10, power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 50W

11, overall size: (600×400×300)mm

12, Weight: 40kg

13, working environment temperature: (5 ~ 40)℃

14, measurement method: using the national standard acetyl acetone method (GB/T2912.1 and GB18401 — 2001). Formaldehyde reacts with acetyl acetone (in the presence of acetic acid-ammonium acetate buffer solution) to form the yellow compound.

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