Spraying Collodion Compression Elasticity Tester YG(B)091CC

Spraying Collodion Compression Elasticity Tester

Scope of application
It is suitable for the determination of the compression elasticity and looseness of the gelatin-spraying cotton sheet made of polyester staple fiber as the main raw material after opening, mixing and combing, spraying glue on both sides of the net and heat treatment.
Related standards

  • GB/T24252
  • GH/T1021
  • FZ/T64003

Instrument characteristics 
Microcomputer control program, automatic pressure timing, pressure time conditions set, the end of the experiment sound to remind manual input height value, automatic calculation of test results, print the experimental report

Technical parameters 
1, pressure plate area: 200mm×200mm
2, sample pressure: light pressure 2000g, heavy pressure 4000g
3, the fabric thickness can be measured: (0 ~ 100)mm, accuracy: ±0.5mm (digital cursor)
4, power supply voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz 500W
5, overall size :(436×340×550)mm
6, weight: about 30kg

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