ISO 2061 Semi-Automatic Yarn Twist Tester Y(B)331C

Semi-Automatic Yarn Twist Tester Y (B) 331C

[Scope of application]

This Semi-Automatic Yarn Twist Tester is used for testing twist, twist irregularity and twist shrinkage of all kinds of yarns.

[Relevant Standards]

  • GB/T2543.1/2
  • FZ/T10001
  • ISO2061
  • ASTMD1422
  • JISL1095
  • etc

    Why Semi-Automatic Yarn Twist Tester Y (B) 331C

    • Precision Yarn Analysis: Expertly designed to evaluate twist, twist irregularity, and twist shrinkage of all types of yarns, ensuring you get accurate insights for optimal textile production.
    • Alignment with Major Standards: Tested and trusted with conformance to globally recognized standards including ISO2061 and ASTM D1422.

    Key Features:
    • Versatile Testing Options: Offers multiple testing methods, covering average detwisting slip elongation to two untwist twist methods.
    • Intuitive Operation: Features microcomputer program control, ensuring effortless data processing and result printing.
    • Broad Testing Range: Suitable for various yarn types and sizes with a wide twist test range.

    Technical Specifications:
    • Working Mode: Controlled by a microcomputer program for seamless operation.
    • Testing Methods: Inclusive of Average detwisting slip elongation, direct counting, two untwist twist method, and more.
    • Sample Length Options: From 10mm up to 500mm, providing flexibility in sample testing.
    • Twist Test Range: From 1 to 1998 twist/10cm and 1 to 1998 twist/m.
    • Elongation Capabilities: Up to a maximum of 50mm.
    • Maximum Twist Shrinkage Determination: Up to 20mm.
    • Operation Speed: Ranges from 600 to 3000r/min.
    • Pre-added Tension: Between 0.5 to 171.5cN.
    • Dimensions: A compact (920×170×220)mm in size.
    • Power Source: Runs on AC220V±10% 50Hz 25W.
    • Weight: 16kg, making it a portable yet robust unit.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
    • Q: What kinds of yarns can this machine test?
    A: It’s proficient in testing all types of yarns for twist, twist irregularity, and twist shrinkage.
    • Q: Can the test results be printed directly from the machine?
    A: Yes, the machine has data processing capabilities and can print output results directly.
    • Q: What are the primary standards the instrument adheres to?
    A: The instrument is aligned with major standards such as ISO2061, ASTM D1422, GB/T2543.1/2, FZ/T10001, and JIS L1095.
    • Q: How does the machine determine the maximum twist shrinkage?
    A: It determines twist shrinkage up to a maximum of 20mm.


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【 Technical features 】:
1, in terms of structure, our products adopt electromechanical integration structure, compact and flexible, easy to operate.
2, single chip program control, high accuracy, good stability.
3, the use of agate top bearings, sensitivity is good, not easy to be affected by the environment.
4, our products feature an LCD display, allowing for easy adjustment of the display brightness. Consequently, this ensures optimal visibility even after prolonged use.
5, our products 100-2000r/min stepless speed regulation, wide range, convenient adjustment and speed digital display,
Improve test accuracy.
6, our products incorporate constant weight displacement adjustment, ensuring convenient random adjustment. Moreover, our products not only incorporate constant weight displacement adjustment and convenient random adjustment but also ensure excellent tension value assurance.

Semi-Automatic Yarn Twist Tester
【 Technical parameters 】
1, working mode: microcomputer program control, data processing, print output results
2. Test method:
A. Average detwisting slip elongation
B. Average detwisting maximum elongation
C. direct counting
D. untwisting a method
E, untwist twist b method
F, two untwist twist method

Yarn Twisting Strength Analyzer

3, sample length: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500(mm)
4, twist test range :(1 ~ 1998) twist /10cm, (1 ~ 1998) twist /m
5, elongation range: maximum 50mm
6, determine the maximum twist shrinkage: 20mm
7, speed: (600 ~ 3000)r/min
8, pre-added tension :(0.5 ~ 171.5)cN
9, overall size :(920×170×220)mm
10, power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 25W
11, weight: 16kg

Standard configuration

Nomenclature and specification quantity Remark
The main machine 1
Put a big mirror 1
scriber 1
A heavy hammer 1 Total 12pcs
Insurance risk tube 2 3A
Electrical source line 1

Yarn Twisting Strength Analyzer

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