Particle Filtration Efficiency Tester DR251XL2

Particle Filtration Efficiency Tester DR251XL2

Photometric method

[Scope of application]
This Particle Filtration Performance Analyzer is suitable for rapid, accurate and stable detection of particulate matter filtering efficiency of various medical and daily protective masks, respirators, melt-blown cloth and other materials.
[Relevant standards]
Technical requirements for medical protective masks 5.4 Filtration efficiency
Medical surgical masks 5.6.2 Particle filtration efficiency
GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specification for respirators for daily use Appendix A Test method for filtration efficiency
GB 2626-2019 Respiratory protection Self-priming filter anti-particulate respirator 6.3 filtration efficiency
Technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing 5.7 Filtration efficiency
EN 1822-3:2012 EN 149-2001
EN 14683:2005 IEST-RP-CC021.1 NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, etc

Particle Filtration Performance Analyzer

[Instrument characteristics]
1. Double station, double channel, double photometer (American TSI), double generator, really achieve oil, salt separation test;
2. Including loading test method;
3. Efficiency detection: using 2 TSI high-precision photometer, oil and salt separation, detection of upstream and downstream particle mass concentration, to ensure the accuracy and stability of sampling;
4. Flow detection: The system test flow is mainly provided by dry and clean compressed air from outside. Internal installation of stable pressure and flow device, to ensure the stability of flow detection, and the use of automatic control system is simple, fast and stable;
5. Aerosol generation :2, can be in the same instrument for salt and oil test, to ensure the fog concentration regulation fast and stable;
6. Resistance detection: the resistance pressure difference of the filter material will be obtained by the static pressure ring of the upstream and downstream test bin, and the high-precision pressure difference transmitter is used to ensure the accuracy and stability of pressure difference.
[Technical parameters]
1. The test flow range :15L/min ~ 100L/min, accuracy 2%
2. The cross-sectional area through which the airflow passes is 100cm²; (KN95 mask fixture optional)
3. Resistance test range :(0 ~ 1000)Pa, resolution up to 0.1pa
4. Filter efficiency test range :(0 ~ 99.999)%, resolution 0.001%
5. Test particle size :0.3μm
6. Aerosol particulate concentration: salt: < 200mg/m³, oil: < 200 mg/m after;
7. Fog dust source :NaC1, paraffin or corn oil
8. Fog gas source: dry and stable compressed air (optional)
9. Working power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 1.5KW
10. Weight: about 120kg
11. Dimensions :(1000mm×600mm×1600mm) (length × width × height)

Particles Filtration Efficiency Tester

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