Oven for Perspiration Tester Y(B)902G

Oven for Perspiration Tester Y(B)902G

[Scope of application]

This Perspiration Testing Chamber is used for the color fastness test of sweat stains of all kinds of textiles and the determination of the color fastness to water, sea water and saliva of all kinds of colored and colored textiles.
[Relevant standards]
Perspiration resistance: GB/T3922 AATCC15
Seawater resistance: GB/T5714 AATCC106
Water resistance: GB/T5713 AATCC107 ISO105, etc.

Oven for Perspiration Tester
[Technical parameters]
1. Working mode: digital setting, automatic stop, alarm sound prompt
2. Temperature: room temperature ~ 150℃±0.5℃ (can be customized 250℃)
3. Drying time :(0 ~ 99.9)h
4. Studio size :(340×320×320)mm
5. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 750W
6. Overall size :(490×570×620)mm
7. Weight: 22kg


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