Geotextile Effective Aperture Analyzer YT030G

Geotextile Effective Aperture Analyzer YT030G

【Scope of application】

This Geotextile Pore Size Tester is used for the determination of effective aperture dry sieve method of geotextiles and geotextiles.
【Related standards】

JTG E50, GB/T 14799

【 Technical parameters 】
1. Maximum diameter of screen: 200mm
2, sieve stacking height: 400mm
3, radius of rotation: 12±1mm
4, the number of lateral sieve shaking: 220 times/min
5, vertical vibration times: 150 times/min
6, amplitude: 10±2mm
7, timing range: 0 ~ 99 minutes
8, power supply: AC380V±10% 50Hz 400W
9, overall size: 590×700×700mm
10, weight: 75kg

Geotextile Effective Aperture Analyzer

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