Face Mask Respiratory Resistance Tester DR246EN

Face Mask Respiratory Resistance Tester DR246EN

[Scope of application]
This Face Mask Breathability Tester is used to test whether the resistance value of respirator and respirator to expiratory and inspiratory reach the standard.
[Related standards]

EN 149 ,EN136, etc

[Technical features]
1. Swing up and down automatically;
2. Programmed guided operation, fast and convenient to complete the test, print out the test results.
[Technical parameters]
1. Flow meter, measuring range: (0 ~ ±200)L/min, accuracy: 3%
2. Micro pressure sensor, range: ±1000Pa, accuracy 1Pa
3. Air source device, air volume is about 200L/min, maximum exhaust pressure 200kPa, maximum negative pressure 90kPa
4. Air volume: continuous gas 160L/min; Suction: 30L/min and 95L/min continuous airflow (can be set according to need)
5. The test head mold
6. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 500W
7. Instrument size: 650×670×860mm (L×W×H)
8. Weight: about 50kg

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