Face Mask Blood Penetration Tester DR247K

Face Mask Blood Penetration Tester DR247K

[Scope of application]
This Face Mask Blood Penetration Analyzer is capable of evaluating the resistance of medical masks to synthetic blood penetration at varying sample pressures. Additionally, it can assess the blood penetration resistance of various coating materials.
[Relevant standards]
GB/T19083, YY 0469, YY/T0691, ISO 22609, ASTM F1862-07, etc

[Instrument characteristics]
1. Using air pressure, pressure speed, high pressure control precision, wide range of available pressure.
2. Use the control system software to control the pressure and injection time, after setting the pressure can realize automatic pressure regulation, pressure and injection time digital display, can be adjusted according to the actual situation;
3. The nozzle can be adjusted within the range of ±20mm, can be used for non-standard test;
4. The main parts are all corrosion-resistant parts, can work in high humidity environment for a long time;
5. The configuration of liquid sputtering collection structure, liquid collection after the test is convenient, the test process is clean and tidy;
6. Enclosed design is adopted in the test area.
[Technical parameters]
1. Injection distance :(30±1)cm(adjustable between 280 ~ 320mm)
2. Nozzle size: φ 0.84mm
3. Pressure range :(6 ~ 30)kPa (± 0.2kpa)
4. Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz
5. Instrument shape: 910mm×420mm×400mm (length × width × height)
6. Instrument weight: about 50kg

Face Mask Blood Penetrability Tester

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