Fabric Downproof Tester YG (B) 819DG

Fabric downproof tester YG (B) 819DG

Scope of application
This Fabric Downproof Tester is used for testing the performance of various fabrics to prevent the leakage of drill down or feather from the joint.

Relevant standards

  • GB/T14272 (China national standard drafting enterprise)
  • etc

Appendix D Transferable container method for large box garments
[Technical features ]:
1. GB/T14272-2021 standard main drafting unit, evaluation and verification test equipment to provide models;
2. Fully exposed frameless plexiglass layout, reduce counting dead Angle;
3. Single-side partition mark, prevent counting lost;
4. Scattered lighting auxiliary system, counting area dark background, convenient observation counting;
5. Space elimination electrostatic system;
6. Imported AC servo drive, smooth and accurate operation;
7. Imported 18mm thick plexiglass box, noise reduction and scratch prevention;
8. Open the door, gas pole structure, convenient to take lofting convenient.
[Technical parameters] :
1. Rotary box size :(60±0.5)cm×(60±0.5)cm×(60±0.5)cm
2. Rotary box speed :(42±1)r/min (reversible, adjustable from 1 to 60)
3. Rotation setting :1 ~ 99999 times
4. Silicone rubber shaped ball:
Quantity: 24
Shore hardness :(55±5)A
Quality: (23.75 g + / – 0.5)
Size:The upper circle (φ 31±2)mm× the lower circle (φ 37±2)mm× the height (22±2)mm
5. Operating noise < 75 db
6. Power source :AC220V± 10% 50Hz 1000W
7. Outside size :1282×680×1120mm(L×W×H)
8. Weight: about 180kg

Fabric Downproof Tester

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