ASTM D5034/ASTM D5035 Electronic Strength Machine YG(B)026HC

ASTM D5034/ASTM D5035 Electronic Strength Machine YG(B)026HC

Scope of application
This Electronic Strength Analyzer is used for testing the mechanical properties of various textiles. In addition to its versatility, this machine enables the evaluation of a wide range of characteristics. These include stretching, tearing, topping, fixed elongation, fixed load, elasticity, thread slip, and stripping. With its comprehensive testing capabilities, it provides a comprehensive analysis of textile performance.With its comprehensive testing capabilities, this analyzer enables thorough assessment and analysis of textile performance.

Electronic Strength Machine

Related standards

GB/T3923.1/2, FZ/T70006, FZ/T70007, ISO4606,GB/T13772.1/2/3, FZ/T20019, FZ/T01030, ISO9073.3/4GB8687, FZ/T01085, ISO13934.1/2, ISO13935.1/2, ASTM D5034, ASTM D5035, ASTM D2261, ASTM D4964,ASTM D5587, ASTM D3936, ASTM D1683 (replace 434) JIS L1096, etc


Q: What is the maximum range of the pneumatic clamping device of the strength testing machine? Is a manual clamp necessary for large ranges?

A: The maximum range of the Daron strength testing machine’s pneumatic clamp reaches up to 10,000N. It is advised to equip a manual clamp as a backup for machines with large ranges.

Q: Can a universal clamp be used for top-breaking tests?

A: Top-breaking tests require a special clamp.

Q: Is a special clamp needed for testing the strength of threads?

A: Most threads, due to friction, require special clamps. DaRong will custom-make and provide the appropriate clamps.

Q: If my laboratory has an air pump, can I opt not to include one with my purchase?

A: Yes, it is possible to opt out of including an air pump.

Q: I use my laboratory’s computer and printer. Can I purchase the strength testing machine without these accessories?

A: Yes, you can choose not to include a computer and printer.

Q: Why are strength testing machines categorized by different force ranges? For a test measuring a maximum of 500N, is it necessary to buy a machine with a 10,000N capacity?

A: No. Using a 10,000N machine for a 500N sample is like using a scale meant for elephants to weigh an ant, which would result in a loss of precision.

Q: What are the advantages of the clamps provided with Darong’s strength testing machines?

A: Based on Daron’s 35 years of production experience, the clamps can control the appropriate force to hold the sample without being too tight, which could damage it, or too loose, which could cause it to fall.

Q: If I purchase a strength testing machine and later want to add standards, is that possible?

A: Yes, DaRong can send the standard procedures online. This is also part of DaRong’s after-sales service.


Instrument characteristics
1, sampling frequency up to 2000 times/second.
2, more power motor and advanced servo control drive system, higher reliability.
3, modular design, support online communication, two-way control.
4, the equipment comes with a thermal printer, fast output test results.
5, the instrument adopts precision grade C5 above ball screw
6, excellent precision guide rail for neutralization and bending
7. The seventh generation digital Signal Processing (DSP) control technology based on embedded system
8, powerful, easy to use on the computer control software
9, equipped with an independent color touch screen controller, easy to move or installed on the rack, any appropriate position, display the machine working state, and provide the test control process required positioning, inching, moving and other operation control

Electronic Strength Machine

Technical parameters

1, Working mode: constant speed extension (CRE) principle, microcomputer control, touch screen display, support online communication.
2, comprehensive sampling rate: 2000 times/second
3, measuring range: full range of 1% ~ 100%
Specification -50 -100 -250 -500
Force range 0 to 500N 0 to 1000N 0 to 2500N 0 to 5000N
4, test accuracy: ≤0.2%F·S
5, clamping mode: pneumatic, manual two
6, stretching speed: (0.01 ~ 1000)mm/min
7, effective range: 800mm
8, elongation resolution: 0.01mm
9, gantry width: 400mm
10, power source: AC220V±10% 50Hz 750W
11. Overall size :(750×450×1550)mm
12, weight: 150kg

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