ASTM D5034 Electronic Strength Instrument YG(B)026G

ASTM D5034 Electronic Strength Instrument YG(B)026G

Scope of application

This Digital Strength Tester is used for testing the mechanical properties of various textiles such as

stretching, tearing, topping, fixed elongation, fixed load, elasticity, thread slip

and stripping.

And widely used in rubber, plastic, leather, metal, wire, paper, packaging,

building materials, petrochemical, electrical, geotechnical materials tensile,

compression, bending, bonding, peel, tear, breaking, creep test of force,

elongation, deformation test.


Related standards

GB/T3923.1, GB/T3923.2, GB/T3917.2, GB/T3917.3, GB/T13772.1,

GB/T13772.2, GB/T13773.1, GB/T13773.2, GB/T19976, FZ/T80007.1,

FZ/T20019, FZ/T70006, GB8688, FZ/T70007, ASTMD5034, ASTMD5035,

ASTMD2261, ASTMD5587, ASTMD4964, ASTMD3936, ASTMD1683,

JISL1096, etc

Some of the above representative criteria are listed, and some of the

functions require specific grippers and sensors to be selected based on actual

conditionsTo cooperate with the implementation.


Electronic Strength Instrument

Instrument characteristics

  1. The designed service life of the rack is over 30 years
  2. Strong rigid frame preloading bearing and precision ball screw, thickened beam and base beam of high strength material, as well as the transmission belt with low tension, can minimize the stored energy in the test process, soas to get better test performance and obtain more accurate modulus and strain value.

3. Excellent precision guide rail for neutralization and bending

When performing axial tests, only systems with stable, accurate rigid guides

can get accurate responses

Force and strain results to ensure that the specimen is subjected to minimal

lateral force under load.

4. More power motor and advanced servo control drive system, higher reliability.

5. the instrument adopts the precision grade C5 above ball screw.

6. The high-power motor makes the acceleration rate higher at the beginning

of the test, and the running cycle faster in the cycle test. The double belt

system can make the ball screw keep synchronous movement, and eliminate

the inclination of the beam and help the system to align and locate precisely.


  • Control performance: response bandwidth 3KHZ, fast command following,
  • effectively shorten the setting time of position arrival.

Ultra-high speed, ultra-precision control of servo performance, will give full

play to the performance of mechanical equipment,

Positioning accuracy: MS1 series servo motors use 23bit (8388688 line)

single-turn/multi-turn absolute encoder, the encoder resolution is 8 times higher, matching with SV660 series motors built-in encoder absolute accuracy correction function, significantly improve the equipment repeated positioning accuracy and absolute positioning accuracy.

Synchronization cycle: High performance main control chip is adopted to further improve the communication and interaction capability. 125uS synchronization cycle can be supported for all running modes of EtherCAT.

Electronic Strength Instrument

For interpolation, trajectory control technology such as CAM is more effective.

  • Single parameter adjustment servo: through single parameter setting, servo tuning requirements are completed, the load inertia ratio is adaptive identified, and resonance suppression parameters are automatically set, which greatly reduces the difficulty of debugging and improves the efficiency of debugging.
  • Identification of the best parameters in automatic operation: For the fixed equipment of load comparison, positioning requirements and motion curves are given in the background through the wizard mode, and the servo automatically runs and completes the tuning of servo parameters, so as to achieve the desired positioning effect.

The seventh-generation digital signal processing (DSP) control

technology based on embedded system

1, using “STMicroelectronics” high-performance, low power ARM Cortex-M core 32-bit microcontroller

2, high speed, low vibration imported AC servo drive device, high resolution digital closed loop controller.

3, modular design, multi-channel data acquisition and analog output module, open data management, can realize load, deformation, displacement, speed change and other detection and control.

4, the United States imported high precision strain sensor column sensor, high quality aluminum alloy material, easy to install, fast, high accuracy, high stability, high repeatability, low temperature drift.

The sensor adopts a high precision of 24bitsA/D, sampling frequency of 2000Hz, and the maximum resolution of 1/1,00,000 in the whole process.

5, equipped with an independent color touch screen controller, easy to move or installed on the rack, any appropriate position, display the machine working state, and provide the test control process required positioning, inching, moving and other operation control.

Three, powerful, easy to use control software

(software copyright 2010SR046285)

1, the software system uses component type architecture, can freely combine the test process, meet all the conventional test methods, and the increasing test method standard library (GB/T, FZ/T, ISO, ASTM, BS, etc.).

2,Guide the tester to complete the relevant standard test, and users can

upgrade and update without resetting the existing software and hardware

system. Users can easily maintain the equipment through online support and

never worry.

3, User-friendly operation software greatly simplifies test selection, startup

and real-time monitoring with an intuitive, push-button environment and easy-

to-understand display.

Easy-to-understand displays and highly flexible, interactive data graphing

enhance post-test analysis capabilities.

4, Reports and charts in the manuscript class, or in a customized format to

meet your specific data sharing needs.

Easy-to-create formats effectively output test results as intuitive test reports

and other formats such as Excel, Word, HTML, etc.

Try our advanced Electronic Strength Instrument.

Technical parameters

1, test method: according to the international preferred constant speed

elongation (CRE) principle

2, force measurement system: imported high precision force sensor

3, measuring range: full range of 1% ~ 100% model

Model 50 Model 100 model 250 model 500 model 1000

Full range 500N 1000N 2500N 5000N 10000N

Indexing value 5cN 0.1N 0.1N 0.1N 0.1N 1N

4, clamping mode: manual clamping, pneumatic clamping

5, force measurement accuracy :≤±0.2%F•S

6, holding distance: automatic positioning, digital setting

7, clamping distance adjustment accuracy: ±0.1mm

8, speed control system: imported AC servo speed control system

9, stretching speed :(0.001 ~ 1000)mm/min digital speed regulation, error


10, the maximum stroke of the instrument: 800mm (beam)

(other can be customized)

11, gantry width: 420mm

12, elongation resolution: 0.001mm

13, sampling frequency: 2000 times/second

14, use power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 1kW

15, the overall size :(920×760×1750)mm(host L×W×H)

16, Weight: 150kg (standard)


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