ISO 2062/ASTM D2256 Single Yarn Strength Machine YG(B)021DL

ISO 2062/ASTM D2256 Single Yarn Strength Machine YG(B)021DL

Scope of application

This Digital Single Yarn Tensile Tester is used for testing the breaking strength and elongation of single yarn and pure or blended yarn of cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber and core-spun yarn.
Related standards

  • GB/T14344
  • GB/T3916
  • ISO2062
  • ASTM D2256
  • etc

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Digital Single Yarn Tensile Tester
Instrument characteristics 
1, clip distance digital setting, automatic positioning.
2, screen display test curve, print ratio 1 ~ 1/50 arbitrary setting.
3, can save 6 groups of different test parameters, can directly query data and curve.
4, support online communication.
5, support constant speed stretching and timing stretching.

Electronic Single Yarn Strength Machine
Technical parameters 
1, working mode: CRE principle, microcomputer control, LCD Chinese display, report printing.
2, measuring force range: : full range 1% ~ 100%

Model 021DL-3 021DL-5 021DL-10 021DL-30
Range 0-3000cN 0-5000cN 0-100N 0-300N

3, the test accuracy: ≤±0.2%F·S
4, tensile speed :(20 ~ 1000)mm/min
5, effective range: 800mm
6, clamping distance :(50 ~ 500)mm, digital setting
7, pre-added tension :(0 ~ 150)cN tension
8, power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 0.25KW
9, weight: about 60kg
10, overall size :(520×400×1600)mm

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