ISO 13938 Electronic Bursting Strength Tester YG(B) 032EC

ISO 13938 Electronic Bursting Strength Tester YG(B) 032EC

Software Copyright: 2012SR100681
National Patent: CN201520479096.4 ZL20192138045.1

Scope of application
This Digital Bursting Strength Tester is used to measure the performance of expansion tension and expansion degree of all kinds of textiles, non-woven fabrics, leather and other materials when the warp and weft and all directions are stressed at the same time. (Hydraulic elastic diaphragm method)
Related standards

  • GB/T7742.1
  • FZ/T60019
  • ISO2960
  • ISO13938.1-04
  • ASTMD3786
  • JIS1018.6.17

Electronic Bursting Strength Tester

Technical features 
1. HD color touch screen operation interface
2, can be stand-alone operation, can also be connected to the computer operation
3, test pressure plate and collection plate, made of corrosion resistant materials
4. The test cover is made of imported POM material with high light transmittance
5. 32-bit processor; 24 bit high speed ANALOG-to-digital conversion chip
6, laser displacement sensor test displacement changes
7, waste liquid collection device, prevent the leakage of the instrument pollution
8, the instrument overload protection function
9, convenient and fast printing function

 Technical parameters
1, measuring range: 0.001 ~ 2MP/0.005 ~ 10Mpa
2, elastic diaphragm size: outer diameter φ80, φ140mm; The thickness of 2 mm or less
3, test area: 7.3cm2 (φ30.5±0.05mm) and 50cm2 (φ79.8±0.05mm)
(Customization for 10 cm2and 100 cm2 area)
4, the maximum expansion: 70±0.02mm
5. The maximum bursting time is 99.9±0.1s
6, pressure rate: 100ml/min, 200 ml/min, 300 ml/min, 500 ml/min
7, oil pressure liquid: 85% glycerin (glycerin) or other liquid does not corrode the film
8, working air source ≥ 0.5mpa
9, output form: print, display, online communication
10, power supply and power: AC220V±10% 50Hz
11, dimensions: 690mm×570mm×950mm(L×W×H)
12, Weight: about 220 kg

Digital Bursting Strength Tester

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