ISO 2060 Eight-Basket Constant Temperature Oven Y(B)802G

ISO 2060 Eight-Basket Constant Temperature Oven Y(B)802G

Scope of application

This Multi-Basket Constant Temperature Oven is used for determination of moisture regain (or moisture content) of various fibers, yarns and textiles and other constant temperature drying.
Related standards

  • GB/T 9995
  • ISO 6741.1
  • ISO 2060
  • etc.

Instrument characteristics 
1. The inner tank is made of stainless steel, which can be used for higher temperature test
2, with studio observation window, convenient for the test staff to observe the test process

Technical parameters 
1, working mode: microcomputer program control, digital display temperature
2, temperature control range: room temperature ~ 115℃ (can be customized 150℃)
3, temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
4, four Angle temperature difference: ≤3℃
5, studio :(570×600×450)mm
6, electronic balance: weighing 200g sensing 0.01g
7, basket rotation speed: 3r/min
8. Hanging basket: 8 PCS
9, power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz 3kW
10, overall size :(960×760×1100)mm
11, weight: 120kg

Eight-Basket Constant Temperature Oven

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