AATCC 61 Washing Fastness Tester SW-12J

Washing Fastness Tester SW-12J

[Scope of application]

This Wash Fastness Tester is used for testing the color fastness to washing, dry cleaning, and shrinkage of various textiles, and also for testing the color fastness to washing of dyes.

[Relevant standards]

  • AATCC61/1 a / 2 a / 3 a / 4 a / 5 a
  • JIS L0860/0844
  • BS1006
  • GB/T3921 1/2/3/4/5
  • ISO105C01/02/03/04/05/06/08
  • GB/T5711
  • etc

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[Instrument characteristics] :

  1. 7 inch multi-functional color touch screen control;
  2. Automatic water level control, automatic water intake, drainage function, and set to prevent dry burning function;
  3. High-grade stainless steel drawing process, beautiful and durable;
  4. With door touch safety switch and device, effectively protect the scald, rolling injury;
  5. The imported industrial MCU control temperature and time, the configuration of “proportional integral (PID)” regulation function, effectively prevent the temperature “overshoot” phenomenon, and make the time control error ≤±1s;
  6. Solid state relay control heating tube, no mechanical contact, stable temperature, no noise, long life;
  7. Built-in a number of standard procedures, direct selection can be automatically run; And support program editing storage and single manual operation, to adapt to different methods of standard;
  8. The test cup is made of imported 316L material, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

[Technical parameters] :

  1. Test cup capacity: 550ml (φ75mm×120mm) (GB, ISO, JIS and other standards)

200ml (φ90mm×200mm) (AATCC standard)

  1. Distance from the center of the rotating frame to the bottom of the test cup: 45mm
  2. Rotation speed :(40±2)r/min
  3. Time control range: 9999MIN59s
  4. Time control error: < ±5s
  5. Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 99.9℃
  6. Temperature control error: ≤±1℃
  7. Heating method: electric heating
  8. Heating power: 4.5KW
  9. Water level control: automatic into, drainage
  10. 7 inch multi-functional color touch screen display
  11. Power supply: AC380V±10% 50Hz 4.5KW
  12. Overall size :(790×615×1100)mm
  13. Weight: 110kg

Why Color Fastness Tester to Washing SW-12J?

Experience the epitome of textile testing precision with our advanced Color Fastness to Washing, Dry Cleaning, and Shrinkage Tester. This instrument is meticulously designed to assess the color retention of various textiles against washing, dry cleaning, and shrinkage. Adhering to esteemed standards, especially AATCC 61 and ISO 105, our tester guarantees accurate and reliable results, empowering industries to maintain impeccable product quality.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Testing: Efficiently evaluates color fastness to washing of dyes and the behavior of textiles against washing and dry cleaning.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Features a 7-inch multi-functional color touch screen, ensuring seamless navigation and control.
  • Automatic Precision: Equipped with auto water level control and drainage systems, ensuring a hassle-free testing process. Plus, a dedicated function to prevent dry burning.
  • Durable Construction: The tester’s high-grade stainless steel design not only adds aesthetic appeal but ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation: With imported MCU control and “proportional integral (PID)” regulation, it prevents temperature overshoots and ensures exact time controls.

Technical Specifications:

  • Test Cup Capacity: 550ml (for GB, ISO, JIS standards) and 200ml (for AATCC standard).
  • Rotation Speed: (40±2)r/min
  • Temperature Range: Room temperature up to 99.9℃
  • Heating Method: Electric with a power of 4.5KW
  • Overall Dimensions: (790×615×1100)mm
  • Weight: 110kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What standards does this tester adhere to? A: This instrument aligns with multiple global standards, notably AATCC 61 and ISO 105.

Q: How does the tester ensure temperature accuracy during the process? A: With its imported MCU control and PID regulation, temperature overshoots are prevented, ensuring a control error within ±1℃.

Q: Can this tester adapt to different standard methods? A: Absolutely! It’s equipped with built-in standard procedures and supports program editing for manual operations to cater to various standard methods.

Q: Is there a safety mechanism to protect against scalding or rolling injuries? A: Yes, the tester comes with a door touch safety switch and device to offer protection against such injuries.

Empower your textile testing endeavors with our advanced tester, ensuring color integrity and product longevity every time.

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