AATCC 61/ISO 105 Automatic Textile Washing Tester SW-24AC

AATCC 61/ISO 105 Automatic Textile Washing Tester SW-24AC

[Scope of Application]

This Automatic Textile Washing Tester is used to test the color fastness to washing, dry cleaning, and shrinking of various textiles. It can also be used to test the color fastness of dyes to washing.

[Relevant Standards]

  • AATCC61/1A/2A/3A/4A/5A
  • JIS L0860/0844
  • BS1006
  • GB/T3921/1/2/3/4/5
  • ISO105C01/02/03/04/05/06/08
  • etc

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Why Automatic Textile Washing Tester SW-24AC

Key Features

• Comprehensive Testing: The SW-24AC thoroughly examines color retention against washing, dry cleaning, and shrinkage. It serves not just as a washer but also evaluates the resilience of dyes during washing.
• Standards Compliance: It aligns with multiple international standards, ensuring that textiles meet the rigorous requirements of AATCC, JIS, BS, GB, and ISO.
• Versatility in Testing: Depending on your standard of choice, the device can handle either 12 test cups of a larger 1200ml capacity (AATCC standard) or 24 test cups of 550ml each (as per GB, ISO, JIS, and other standards).
• Precision: With exacting controls on rotation speed, time, and temperature, the tester ensures that the conditions of each test are replicable and consistent.
• Space-Efficient Design: Despite its comprehensive testing capabilities, its dimensions of 930mm x 690mm x 840mm ensure it won’t occupy excessive space in your lab or testing facility.
• Durable: Weighing about 170kg, its sturdy build ensures longevity and durability for repeated use.

Technical Specifications
• Distance: The gap from the rotating frame’s center to the test cup bottom is 45mm.
• Rotation Speed: It operates at a rotation speed of 40±2 rotations per minute.
• Time Control: Its time control range spans from 0 to 9999 minutes with an error margin of ±5 seconds.
• Temperature Control: You can adjust the temperature from room levels to as high as 99.9℃, with a minimal error margin of ±2℃.
• Heating Method: It employs electric heating for consistent temperature management.
• Power & Dimensions: Requires AC380V±10% 50Hz 9kW power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: What sets the SW-24AC apart from other testers?
A: Its versatility in testing, compliance with multiple standards, and precise controls make it a top choice.
Q: How many test cups can the device accommodate?
A: It can hold 12 test cups (AATCC standard) or 24 test cups (GB, ISO, JIS standards).
Q: Can I control the rotation speed?
A: Yes, the tester operates at a standard speed of 40±2 rotations per minute, ensuring consistent results across tests.


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