AATCC 183 Ultravolet Transmittance Tester YG(B)912S


[Scope of application]

Used for testing ultraviolet transmittance (UVA, UVB) and ultraviolet protection coefficient (UPF) of textiles.
GB/T 18830 AATCC 183 AS/NZS 4399 BS 7914 EN 13758, etc.
【 Technical parameters 】

  1. measuring range: transmittance: (0 ~ 100)%± 0.01%
  2. wavelength range :(280 ~ 400)nm (wavelength automatic scanning)
  3. wavelength repeatability: 0.25nm
  4. data interval: ≤5nm adjustable
  5. slit width: ≤5nm
  6. Sample beam diameter: 10mm
  7. sample size: ≥ φ 45mm
  8. Hamamatsu flicker xenon lamp, automatic wavelength scanning, wide testing range

    (can measure all UV wavelengths), high testing accuracy.

  9. Spectrometer detection, capable of measuring fluorescent samples.
  10. Compatible with multiple standards including American AATCC183-1998, British

    BS7914-1998, European Union PREN13758-2001, Australian Standard AS/NZS4399-

    1996, and Chinese GB/T18830—2009.

  11. Fullcomputercontrol,automaticdataprocessing,variousgraphics,reports,statistics,

    analysis, storage, and output.

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