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Martindale Tester

What is A Martindale Tester

A Martindale Tester, or Martindale Abrasion tester, Martindale Pilling Tester, is to test the abrasion and pilling properties of textiles for garments and upholsteries using the Martindale method, including Martindale abrasion test method and Martindale pilling test method.

Martindale Tester Featured Products

DaRong Developed several models of Martindale testers, each with its specific features. You can always find a good fit for your laboratory to test the abrasion and pilling properties of various materials.

The design features nine work positions. The heavy hammer, grinding head, and disc are crafted from world-top-brand stainless steel. During the test, you can install the sample without lifting the press plate, allowing direct loading and unloading of the sample, saving time. You can set two types of Lissajous circular motion trajectories with diameters of 24mm and 60mm. The PLC modular control and color touchscreen operation, along with an English menu, provide the most convenient user experience. You can also preset multiple running programs. Servo motors and sensors work in precise coordination, allowing the instrument to produce accurate test results with calibration-free. Each YG(B)401T abrasion tester is equipped with disc samplers of 38mm and 140mm in diameter, a first in China. The YG(B)401T offers great value for money, allowing you to achieve the best test results with the most economical budget.

DaRong has developed the YG(B)401G Martindale Abrasion Tester based on the YG(B)401T model. It not only possesses all the functionalities of the 401T but also rivals the Martindale abrasion and pilling testers of world’s top brands. The transmission structure is scientifically and reasonably designed, aiming to resolve the long-standing issue of inconsistent test results from different friction heads in the same test. You can also adjust the relative motion speed of the instrument yourself, with a range of 20r to 70r/min, featuring step-less speed regulation. The instrument employs a world-top-brand touchscreen control for intuitive and convenient operation. DaRong has enhanced the device in terms of component quality and test principles. It uses world-top-brand linear bearings, servo drivers, and motors to reduce the friction resistance on the guide rods. During operation, the grinding head maintains its rotation. The instrument has low noise, accurate test results, and a longer lifespan.

Why Choose DaRong's Tester?

As you know, drafting and establishing national standards is a highly authoritative and specialized task. When a company undertakes such a national-level responsibility, it represents the industry’s endorsement of the company’s research and development, as well as manufacturing capabilities. DaRong’s Martindale abrasion and pilling tester is a model of the industry’s most advanced technology. The national standard GB/T21196 Textile Martindale Method Fabric Abrasion Resistance Standard was formulated based on DaRong’s YG(B)401T Martindale Abrasion Tester, which is part of the YG(B)401 series we are discussing.

This line of Martindale abrasion and pilling testers can conduct various standard tests according to your specific needs, such as ISO, ASTM, JIS, FZ, GB, M&S, and more. Besides abrasion tests, it can also perform pilling and fuzzing tests. If your laboratory has been facing a long-standing issue of inconsistent test results among different friction heads in the same test, then DaRong’s instruments can provide you with precise and accurate results.

For 35 years, the results of DaRong’s Martindale abrasion and pilling tests have been verified by numerous professional testing labs. DaRong’s tester becomes an essential textile testing equipment for labs.

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Martindale Test by Working Principles

Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test
Working Principle

The Martindale abrasion test means testing textile products according to the Martindale method standards and assessing the fabric’s abrasion resistance through this test. Abrasion resistance refers to the fabric’s characteristic of resisting wear and tear in repeated rubbing against other fabrics or materials.

Martindale Pilling Resistance Test
Working Principle

The Martindale pilling test means the process where the test fabric is clamped onto the Martindale pilling tester, and the face of the sample is rubbed against the face of another piece of fabric following the Lissajous curve trajectory under a certain pressure. This simulates the fabric’s pilling condition, which is the formation of fuzz and pills after frequent friction with itself.p

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DaRong’s exquisite craftsmanship and rigorous selection process for components ensure that every aspect of the instrument fits together with precision, reducing the impact of vibrations during tests and guaranteeing the most accurate test results. Each work position of the instrument can independently count up or down, with a counting range of 1 to 1 million.

Supply Chain Advantage

High Cost-Performance Ratio

Exceptional Performance

With mass production spanning 35 years, DaRong has assembled the most advantageous suppliers, thereby reducing costs and improving the cost-performance ratio. Your laboratory might only need half the price of world-top brand to own an instrument that is comparable to those of world-top brands.

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IoT (Internet of Things) Solution

Remote Control

Real-Time Report

IoT (Internet of Things) Solution, on which DaRong invests heavily, makes Mobile Remote Control and Real-Time Status Report possible. You are not required to be present beside the instrument. You can access the device’s dynamics and test results remotely, thereby saving time and labor.

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Test by Applications

Fabric Application
Fabric Abrasion & Pilling
Upholstery cloth
Upholstery Abrasion
Carpet Wear
Carpet Wear
Socks Abrasion
Medical Textile Abrasion
Medical Textile
Edge Wear
Car Seat Wear
Car Seat Wear

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester by Standards

  • ASTM D4966

  • ASTM D3886

  • ASTM D4970

  • ISO12945.2

  • ISO12947

  • GB/T21196

  • GB/T 4802.2

  • FZ/T98014

  • FZ/T 20020

  • JIS L1096

  • IWSTM196 / TM112

  • M&S

  • etc.

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester by Positions

martindale pilling abrasion tester 4 position

4 Positionn Martindale Tester

Compact design, small footprint, saving your laboratory space. It has all the necessary features, but at an economical and affordable price.

Martindale pilling and abrasion tester 9 position

9 Position Martindale Tester

Designed to save space and be versatile. Especially time-saving, with the simultaneous use of 9 positions, increasing laboratory efficiency.

DaRong Martindale Tester Models

martindale pilling snagging tester
Martindale pilling and abrasion tester
Martinedale tester
martindale pilling snagging tester
martindale pilling abrasion tester 4 position

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