Data from DaRong textile instrument testing cited in top international journal paper

Da Rong textile instrument-related equipment is used to measure the thermal insulation performance of flame-retardant protective clothing materials exposed to radiant and convective heat sources. The test data has been cited in a paper published in the top international journal MDPI.

The thermal protection performance of firefighting suits is crucial for firefighters’ safety. The paper aims to develop an easy-to-apply TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) value prediction model. The study tested the five performance characteristics of three types of aramid 1414 made from the same material and examined the relationship between the physical properties of aramid 1414 and its thermal protective performance (TPP value). The results showed that the TPP value of the fabric was positively correlated with weight and air gap and negatively correlated with bottom filling factor. Stepwise regression analysis was used to solve the collinearity problem between independent variables. Finally, a model was developed to predict the TPP value based on the air gap and bottom filling factor. The methods used in this paper reduce the number of independent variables in the prediction model, which is beneficial for the model’s application.

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